Flange Management

Torque Wrenches

The Bolting Systems TWHC series torque wrench is designed for hog cycle quality and lower cost of ownership intently constructed for a cycle life two to three times longer than existing technology.

High accuracy torque wrench great for tightening bolts and nuts to a desired torque value. Light weight and high strength the Bolting System TWSD series tool features superior torsional strength, fast operation cycle, fine tooth pawl and floating piston design.


  • Low Weight, High Strength Design
  • Superior Torsional Strength
  • Fast Operation Cycle
  • Fine Tooth Pawl
  • Floating Piston Design
  • Auto-Connect Drive Piston
  • Compact Frame Size
  • Rigid Steel Body Construction
  • Internal swivel manifold Relief
  • Built-in Reaction Pad
  • Small Nose Radius
  • Tool Free Link Change

Bolt Tensioners

We offer a selection of high quality bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts, customized solutions and tensioning equipment.  We are the premier bolting solutions provider in UAE.  We provide Bolting solutions like bolt tensioning, hydraulic torque wrenches, high torque nutrunners and hydraulic pumps supplier. We offer a complete range of industrial and intelligent bolting tools for all your controlled bolting needs. We are the official distributor of SPX bolting systems.

Power Packs

GII offers versatile power pack solutions with small, light-weight hydraulic power packs or high capacity multipurpose power packs to suit your needs.

Nut Splitters

Nut splitting with hydraulic nut splitters and cutters is the safest method. It takes less time and avoids costly damage to joint components. The head design fitted with heavy duty chisels permits the splitting of nuts on a wide variety of applications. With the two blade models nuts are split from two sides in one action.


Flange Spreaders

Flange Spreaders are important tools to open and close flanges safely and in shortest possible time for maintenance and repair operations. Safety being the top most priority,  Our range of spreaders are designed with no pinching points. Hydraulic or mechanical flanges provide an extraordinary power in the hands of the operator to separate big flanges for gasket change job.

Cold Cutting M/C

Cold Cutting and beveling

Pipe Cold Cutting Machine for heavy wall steel pipe in pipe and pipeline welding operations

The portable Cutter for pipe cutting and bevelling avoids heat affected zone (haz) in pipe cutting process. Designed for heavy wall pipes in heavy duty (HD) applications. The high working speed and quick set up provides fast operation on-site. Pipe Cold Cutter is able to operate safe and precise in most critical applications. A rigid frame construction in combination with high quality steel pinion gear and bearings provide a rugged combination for most challenging work.

  • Quick and safe clamping and adjustment for pipeline welding
  • Rigid pipe cold cutter for pipeline welding
  • High metal remove rate

Flange Paring M/C

Controlled flange management is a recognised technique for leak prevention in bolted flange assemblies. We offer flange management services to both onshore and offshore. Controlled bolting and flange management are recognised components of a system’s integrity program.

Our teams bring a demonstrable track record of delivery for our customers that results in improved asset integrity and a reduction in risk associated with loss of containment.