Pipeline Services

Pre-Commissioning of Pipelines

Pipeline pre-commissioning is the process of proving the ability of a pipeline and piping systems to contain product without leaking. This product may be liquid, gaseous or multiphase hydrocarbons, water, steam, CO2, N2, petrol, aviation fuel etc. Pre-commissioning is the series of processes carried out on the pipeline before the final product is introduced. GII has extensive experience and has been providing this service across Middle East.

Commissioning of New Pipelines

Commissioning (or Startup) is a process where the first product is introduced in the pipeline system after the new system is installed.

On Site Machining

Pipe Beveling

Pipe Beveling is a process where an angle is formed between the edge of the end of pipe. It is later welded together. The standard pipe bevel angle for welding is 37.5 degrees.

Cold Cutting

Cold Cutting is a process where pipe is cut without the use of open flame. The major advantage of this is the prevention of HAZ(Heat Affected Zone).

Pipeline Nitrogen Purging and Product Displacement

Nitrogen purging is an industry standard technique for the replacement of a hazardous or undesirable atmosphere with an inert dry atmosphere. The two most common methods of purging are displacement and dilution. The geometry of the process system determines which method is used. For simple systems, displacement purging is usually more effective in terms of time and cost but, for more complex systems, dilution purging is used.