Industrial Services

Water Jetting, Cleaning and Lancing

GII is a specialized company in supplying of high pressure & Ultra High-pressure water jetting machines and associated accessories for rental and sale, we offer an extensive range of professional cleaning services to customer across Middle East. We have a good wealth of experience and highly trained team of experienced staff to offer a good service at all time.

Bolt Torqueing and Tensioning

Bolt Torqueing

The objective is to stretch the bolt or stud to a predetermined load. The stretching is accomplished by turning the nut, which pulls the shank due to the ramp angle of the threads.

Bolt Tensioning

Bolt tensioning works by preloading the bolt, stretching it before the nut is tightened. The tensioner is clamped to the bolt’s threads and pushes against the flange in the surface being bolted. This provides a very consistent amount of stretch to the bolt, ensuring consistent bolt stretch and clamping force.