IHS was created with the forming Industrial Hydraulics & Pneumatics. Starting out in Stanley St, West Melbourne, the company quickly gained a reputation for providing high quality hydraulic solutions. Now as a part of McMillan Engineering Group they have become a leading worldwide supplier of hydraulic products and solutions.

IHS Multi Strand Jacks

McMillan Engineering Group designs and manufactures a complete range of IHS Stressing Equipment to suit your pre-stressing and post tensioning needs. Stressing with Multi Strand Jacks means that all strands in a cable bundle can be stressed simultaneously. The advantage of this method is the fast and accurate stressing operation of the cables in one step. IHS multi-strand jacks come with a variety of options to suit customers specific requirements having capacity of 110T to 1300T and strokes from 100mm to 300mm.

IHS Mono Jacks

IHS Mono Jacks are designed for initialing in the prestressing industry. They are very light weight and the 10T Jacks are able to use even overhead. These can be fitted with flat or solid noses. The Jacks are having Compact and Robust design. These can be used with a variety sizes of strands. The Mono Jacks are available in 10T, 17T, 25T, 27T and 30T

IHS Onion Jacks

IHS Onion Jacks creates an anchor point for prestressing cables. It forms an onion shape to the end of the cable by spreading and separating the individual wires. Thus forming the onion shape on the cable ends. It eliminates the need for anchor plates or barrel/wedges. IHS Onion Jacks comes with the capacity of 10T with strands of 12.7mm & 15.2mm.

IHS Staple Machines

IHS Staple Machines are primarily used in the pre-stressing industry for the affixing of strand chairs. These are extremely light weight and manually operated. IHS Staple Machines are designed to be used on sites where an air supply is not available.This staple machine drives 16 gauge, round crown divergent point staples which are available in stainless steel, galvanised and passivated.It has a capacity of 180 Staples weighing 3.5kg.