APV Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers are an indirect method of heat transfer consisting of metal plates bound and heated to transfer thermal energy across a much larger surface area than other types of heat exchangers. SPX FLOW heat transfer engineers develop plate heat exchanges to fit the customer’s need. Custom plate heat exchangers often vary in the number of plates bound in the heat transfer system. Plate heat exchangers may also differ in the design of the thermal plates themselves. Different configurations etched into the plate influence the thermal hydraulic performance of the heat exchanger. For example, the corrugations or etchings on each plate may promote more turbulent product flow, decreasing fouling through higher product movement.

Plate heat exchangers are also designed with three separate flow directions, each ranging in how effective heat transfer occurs within the system. Plate heat exchangers utilizing a counter flow system direct two fluids in opposite directions separated by a plate. Counter flow plate heat exchangers allow for the highest rate of heat transfer. Concurrent flow plate heat exchangers direct fluids in one singular direction, leading to more even temperatures. Crossflow plate heat exchangers are the middle ground between the other two methods. The crossflow method streams fluids at 90-degree angles of one another.

Plate Heat Exchangers

SPX FLOW provides advanced APV heat transfer solutions for cooling, heating, condensing and evaporation of process fluids and for utility applications in a vast array of industries ranging from food and beverage to oil and gas and industrial processes. Solutions are based on a range of plate-type heatexchanger technologies including gasketed, semi-weldedand plate heat exchangers. These range from high-capacity,heavy-duty units to small, compact designs, and are available either as standard solutions or as customized units based on proven designs and a vast variety of materials. APV plate heat exchangers may be supplied as standalone components or integrated into modules or complete systems.

APV Heat Exchangers are solving heat transfer process challenges in a vast array of industries –  such as Dairy, Food & Beverage; Oil & Gas; Petrochemical & Chemical; HVAC; Pharmaceutical & Personal Care; Process Industry and Power.