Load Banks

Resistive & Reactive Load Banks

Test Diesel Generator with a Resistive Reactive Load Bank.

When professional engineers and consultants are involved in specifying a back-up power system for a project, they specify that a generator set is tested to the applicable standards, and at the nameplate rating. This means non-unity, or resistive/inductive load testing. ISO 8528 specifies that test reports should note if tests have been done at a power factor which is different than the rated one. Usually this means that tests done with a purely resistive load can be considered incomplete.

AC/DC Load Banks


 Gulf Incon KSA offers alternating current and direct current load banks. They are used to test generator sets, whether emergency or power supply, but also inverters, UPS, batteries, and turbines. Load banks allow extend the life of equipment, but they also and above all guarantee the security

Direct Current DC load banks mainly used for batteris. The charges always circulate in the same direction. Direct current is produced by electrochemical or electronic generators, that is to say by all types of:

  • cells,
  • batteries
  • solar panels

Data Center/ Rack Mounted Load

Gulf Incon KSA provides a complete load bank solutions-and-service package for all of your load testing and commissioning needs especially for data centers and other mission-critical facilities.

After using Rack Mounted loadbanks, Server densities continue to increase. Therefore, you need a reliable, automated solution to help you accurately and safely verify mission-critical electrical and mechanical systems operate at the highest performance levels. With a rack-mounted load bank solution like Al yasat, you can virtually eliminate the risk of making changes to your production environment after datacenter commissioning.

Air Tuggers

Air Tuggers and Air Winches are heavy-duty air/pneumatic powered winches favored for lifting and pulling heavier than normal loads.

Air Tuggers used in industrial applications such as at oilfields, marine, mining, construction, oil & gas, offshore, railroad, mounted on vessels and much more. 


An air winch is a pulling or lifting device that is powered by a pneumatic motor. There are several types of pneumatic motors, the most popular of which being vane or radial piston. 

  • Air winches offer a lot of lifting force without consuming a lot of electricity.
  • It can be utilized in many remote regions where three-phase electricity is not available.
  • Move heavy goods efficiently and rapidly from one area to another.

High Flow Power Packs

GII offers versatile power pack solutions with small, light-weight hydraulic power packs or high capacity multipurpose power packs to suit your needs.

The power packs are light-weight and easily portable power solution for hydraulic equipment that can be operated in remote locations.