Load Banks Rental Services

Our comprehensive product range and on-site service teams support our Middle East customers. With officesces and workshop facilities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Abudhabi and Saudi Arabia we cater around 40 MW of load bank requirements in the region. We are the biggest in the region with large capacity of rack mounted load banks and change over panel for internal and uptime tests in the Data centers. Certified by Bureau Veritas IS0 9001-2015 we work with customers to plan and execute the load testing requirement in a most economical and ecient way. Our aim is to maximize safety and improve operational eciency by supplying right products and services that provide high quality supply and service jobs. Our Resistive or Combined Load Banks can test any system from 1kW to Maximum at low or medium voltage, AC or DC.

  • To set up, commission, verify and maintain emergency power systems
  • Long term tests – heat runs
  • Transient response tests – block loading
  • Battery capacity testing
  • Site Load Correction (SLC)
  • Bus way testing (Busbar raiser)
  • Data center HVAC system testing
  • Routine maintenance

Commissioning is defined as a reliability science that documents and validates the result of a data center’s design / build process. During data center commissioning, Load banks are used to do the performance test of the following types of supporting systems

  • Back-Up Generators
  • UPS Systems
  • ATS
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) systems

Load bank test planning should occur as early in the overall project timeline as possible, because load bank testing promotes an iterative design model: Test specifications that are not validated initially can be referred back to engineers for redesign and optimization. This proactive, structured approach identifies problems before the facility becomes operational, ensuring that the IT infrastructure is able to perform at capacity upon deployment.
Gulf Incon International is one of the world’s leading supplier of Load Banks in UAE. Which are used in the testing of power supplies in the most demanding climactic and environmental conditions across Middle East

Rack mounted load banks are used to test the following in the data center:

  • Power distribution installation
  • Hot / cold aisle air flow
  • Rack mount outlets in the racks
  • Power distribution units.
  • Entire physical infrastructure system Management

Use of Rack mounted load bank duplicates IT loading both in terms of electrical load, heat and air flows. Gulf Incon Rack mounted load banks has adjustable heat and air flow settings. Air flow can be adjusted with in the load bank and is displayed in front of the unit. Loads can be adjusted from 500W to 7KW based on the customer requirement. Gulf Incon Rack Mounted Load banks are also useful in verifying the following:

  • Actual rack cooling requirement
  • Automatic shutdown parameters by verifying UPS and run to failure modes
  • Computer room air conditioner (CRAC) system operations